Visiting and Social

Are you in need of a companion?

Community Support Centre Visiting and Social

We match seniors who would like some companionship with volunteers to spend some time visiting in the home. We do our best to match volunteers with clients that share similar interests.


As part of our Security Reassurance program, a brief phone call of verbal support can be arranged. Available to seniors or those who are living with a disability living in Lakeshore or East Tecumseh who may be in need of a friend to talk to.

If you feel that a loved one would benefit from on of our social programs, please give us a call.

Did You Know?

Test Yourself

Where do you fit on the loneliness scale?
1. Do I have someone in my life who understands me?
2. Do I have someone I can easily talk to?
3. Have I felt close to someone for a long time?
4. Do I have a network of friends?
5. Do I like my life the way it is?
If you answered No to one or more of these questions, loneliness may be affecting your life.

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