Foot Care

Chronic illnesses such as arthritis and diabetes can have serious effects on your feet. Our specialized nurses will asses the condition of your feet, cut, file and clean nails, treat rough skin areas, perform a gentle massage and suggest various ways to care for your feet as needed.

What treatments are included with every BASIC FOOT CARE appointment?
• Assessment of client’s feet
• Cut, file, and clean nails
• Treat rough skin areas & calluses
• Moisturize feet
• Gentle massage to promote circulation
• Client teaching as necessary

What treatments are included with every ADVANCED FOOT CARE appointment above basic?
•Ingrown toe nail
•Nail fungus treatment
•Thick toe nail care
• Corn removal

Who is eligible?

Service available for those:
55 plus
OR Living with a disability
OR have diabetes (Type I, Type II, Gestational, etc.)
OR are unable to care for your feet


Fees vary $24 – $37 for regular or advanced foot care treatment.
We offer clinic visits at four locations…

499 Notre Dame St, Belle River                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     12420 Lanoue St. Tecumseh
4520 Rhodes Drive #400, Windsor
495 Glengarry Ave, Windsor

Call 519-728-1435 ext. 203 to schedule your appointment.

Did you know?

• 3 out of 4 people develop foot problems as they age
• Taking good care of your feet will help you maintain good balance, which can prevent slips and falls
• Signs of future health problems (poor circulation, diabetes, arthritis) can be seen on the feet
• Foot problems can differ between diabetics and non diabetics
• Diabetes can cause damage to the nervous system; people may not be able to feel physical pain in or on their feet (sores)

Foot Care Tips:

• Wash your feet everyday but be sure to dry in between your toes
• It is very important to wear shoes that fit well
• Try not to wear socks with elastic around the top, this can restrict blood flow
• Go for walks!

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