Coordinated Dialysis Transportation

Community Support Centre Dialysis TransportationCommunity Support Centre uses both paid & volunteer drivers to provide transportation for clients to/from dialysis appointments. Paid drivers use Community Support Centre vehicles and volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to provide transportation. Volunteer drivers are utilized whenever a client’s dialysis transportation cannot be met using Community Support Centre’s fleet of vehicles. The drivers (paid and volunteer) are responsible for ensuring the safe arrival to and from the dialysis appointment.

To apply: Please call and an application package will be sent to you. Once your application is received you will be contacted to confirm the information and quoted a cost for the service. The cost of the service is subsidized therefore one-way fares are not provided. Services may begin immediately provided space is available and/or a volunteer match can be made. This service is not a one-on-one medical transport service, however drivers do have first aid training, police clearances, clean driver’s abstracts, and can assist clients that require support to either board or un-board the vehicle. Drivers can assist clients to the front doors of the renal clinics (hospital and satellite), however they must maintain their line of sight with the vehicle at all times to ensure the safety of the other clients on board and the safety of the vehicle.

Volunteer Drivers Must:

• Drive a roadworthy vehicle
• Are reimbursed mileage at .40 cents per KM
• Have a valid G License
• Relate well to seniors
• Be patient and empathetic
• Be punctual, reliable and has good judgment

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